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  1. Tertiary Education
    Our recent focus has been on providing teachers with an overview of the latest timber teaching resources available.
  2. Fire and Sound Construction Practices
    Reviewing the popular Multi-Residential Timber Framed Construction manuals.
  3. Marketing of ATIC Quality Cypress for the NSW Cypress industry
  4. Fire Reform Project
    • Bushfire testing
    • Thin Wood Veneers on Fire Retardant MDF Specification C1.10a
    • Early Fire Hazard Properties
    • Commercial Building Combustible Cladding
    • Class 3 Concession
    • Fire Test Database
  5. Full Life Cycle Assessment Project Providing timber data to assist the Building Products Innovation Council.
  6. Termite Management Website
  7. Online course work - Fire Hazard Properties and Bushfire Solutions
  8. Remodelling Market Research
  9. Sustainability Advantage