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Membership of the TDA gives you a say in how the timber industry is represented to government. It gives you a voice in determining how timber products are promoted to the public and the direction of timber research and development. Perhaps most importantly, membership ensure that the timber industry is well represented in crucial public debates on such issues as sustainability and climate change. Annual membership rates are as follows:

Associate Membership:

Trade Associations/Councils                                                                  $1650

Timber Organisations/Companies                                                          $550
*Plus $110.00 for each brand or division

Complementary segments of the industry                                              $550
e.g. Paint, Tools, Building Companies etc

Individual persons whose business is not directly                                   $75
        or indirectly engaged in the Forest Products Industry

How To Join
Fill in the membership form and sed it to us at U6 / 281 Pacific Highway – North Sydney 2060 NSW
Download Membership Form Here